God Is on the Move

I would like to express my gratitude to Pastor Christie DeWees from World Harvest Center Church in Farmington, NM, and to Dr. Sally Smale of Establishing Word Ministries. These two wonderful women of God had recently invited me to share with those they minister to on a regular basis. What an incredible opportunity and a […]

Happy 2022!

HAPPY 2022! Here we are, just a couple of days into January!  Have you kept your resolutions? Did you even declare or write any down?  If you didn’t, you are probably in good company. Nowadays, resolutions are not about keeping promises.  The name of the game is being mindful of making lifestyle choices that result […]

Just Say Yes!

The one who calls you by name is trustworthy and will thoroughly complete his work in you. (1 Thessalonians 5:24 TPT) The life of faith that God has called you and I to live by is risky! It’s a life of believing Him, trusting Him, and stepping out in faith. And if you have been […]

A Little Prayer from a Gobbler and a Squealer

Said the Turkey to the Ham, who was just set by his side, “You know, little piggy, I just about cried.”   “Whatcha mean?” asked the Ham, looking about at each chair. “Well,” said the Turkey, “you just missed their prayer. It was full of gratitude for big and little things; their hearts were reminded […]

We Are Not Called to Edit

If Running from God were an Olympic event, I surely have participated repeatedly and won the gold. Fool’s gold, that is. Only world-class athletes run in this particular event—their minds are set and tremendous energy is expended striving for their ultimate outcome. I wasn’t aware how great of an athlete I was during different races […]

Spark a Wildfire

But how can people call on him for help if they’ve not yet believed? And how can they believe in one they’ve not yet heard of?  And how can they hear the message of life if there is no one there to proclaim it?  (Romans 10:14 TPT) God asked me to picture a wildfire.  Images […]

Forever-like seasons

When we have been standing and believing for something, we sometimes liken our wait to a forever-like season. Waiting is not fun. This kind of season sometimes leads us to second guess God’s word. At other times, a decision to intervene seems reasonable, justifiable. Quitting?  Yes, that thought does cross as well. We are not […]

Master Love

“I don’t know who this is for, but…” “Who am I preaching to this morning?”   We have heard pastors pause midway through sermons to interject these kinds of statements. Sometimes our hearts are quickened and we lean in and listen more intently.  Other times, the message doesn’t totally resonate. You can be honest, we […]


I poured out my complaint to you, God. I lifted up my voice, shouting out for your help. When I was in deep distress, in my day of trouble, I reached out for you with hands stretched out to heaven. Over and over I kept looking for you God, but your comforting grace was nowhere […]


Love the Lord your God with every passion of your heart, with all the energy of your being, and with every thought that is within you…love your neighbor as yourself. (Matthew 22:37-39TPT, NKJV paraphrased). Momma, Think way back to the time you had looked in the mirror—the time when the reflection you saw reminded you […]