Said the Turkey to the Ham, who was just set by his side,

“You know, little piggy, I just about cried.”


“Whatcha mean?” asked the Ham, looking about at each chair.

“Well,” said the Turkey, “you just missed their prayer.

It was full of gratitude for big and little things;

their hearts were reminded with what this day truly brings.”


“Did they mention us?” asked the Ham. “Were we mentioned in the blessing?

What about the potatoes, the pie, and Grandma’s dressing?”


“Yes,” chuckled Turkey, “but we weren’t mentioned by name.

I was honored to be included with Him just the same.”


“I don’t follow.” said Ham, as he watched the guests begin.

“Included with Him?? Please, do fill me in.”


“Though our sacrifice, so meager, and His, so beautiful;

in a small way,” Turkey explained,

“we help them be mindful.”


“Oh….” Ham said, as he watched the rolls go past.

“They come together to remember…

I get your meaning at last!”


“They recount what they’ve received,

lasting hope, joy, and peace;

He is their reason!” Ham cried,

“A love that’ll never cease!”


“We satisfy with this feast,”

Ham continued on,

“but it pales in comparison

to the banquet of the Son.”


“He’s their eternal gladness,

 and today, a gift of Grace.

They celebrate and give thanks,

 for He is in this place.”


“Yes,” said Turkey, “they’ve been blessed

beyond measure.

And our place today is an

honor and pleasure.”


“Well, I get the sentiment,” confessed Ham, “really, my friend…

but I can’t get past that this is really my end!”


“Well, we are in pretty good company,”

Turkey replied,

“Jesus had thoughts

the night before He died.”


Turkey helped Ham with more of this love story,

“They praise Him for what He’s done,” he said,

“it’s all for His glory!”


Both Turkey and Ham pondered their position,

and thankful to participate in this

reminiscing mission.


They decided to add their own little prayer—

a reminder for all who had been gathered there:


“Remember,” they encouraged, “His child, His brother;

we pray that you are quick

to share His love with another.


“We pray you thank God,

thank Him with your whole being.

Tell of His faithfulness, tell all that you’ve seen!


“Give praises to God, His Son and Holy Spirit!

Your song is a fragrance and He loves to hear it!


“We pray you are steadfast as you

share the great I AM!

Happy Thanksgiving!”

prayed the Turkey and the Ham.

by Denise Finley