I poured out my complaint to you, God. I lifted up my voice, shouting out for your help. When I was in deep distress, in my day of trouble, I reached out for you with hands stretched out to heaven.

Over and over I kept looking for you God, but your comforting grace was nowhere to be found. As I thought of you I moaned, “God, where are you?”

I’m overwhelmed with despair as I wait for your help to arrive. …  I can’t get a wink of sleep until you come and comfort me. Now I’m too burdened to even pray!

My mind wandered thinking of days gone by—the years long since passed. Then I remembered the worship songs I used to sing in the night seasons, and my heart began to fill again with thoughts of you. So my spirit went out once more in search of you.

Would you really walk off and leave me forever, my Lord God? Won’t you show me your kind favor, delighting in me again? Has your well of mercy dried up? Will your promises never come true? Have you somehow forgotten to show me love?

Are you so angry that you’ve closed your heart of compassion toward me? …

Lord what wounds me most is that it’s somehow my fault that you’ve changed your heart toward me and I no longer see the years of the Mighty One and your right hand of power.

Yet I could never forget all your miracles, my God. I remember all your wonders of old. I ponder all you’ve done, Lord, musing on all your miracles.

It’s here in your presence, in your sanctuary, where I learn more of your ways. For holiness is revealed in everything you do. Lord, you’re the one and only, the great and glorious God! (Psalms 77:1-13 TPT)

I love how God loves us! He knows us so completely—in and out—even when we come to him in despair.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap thinking He has distanced Himself because we have done something outside of His will or have ignored something we have yet to do.

When the blue skies and sunshine days of faith are darkened by clouds of doubt, our souls can quickly forget His wonders and our attitudes sour. Oh, the humanity!

Verses 12 and 13 are key: I remember all your wonders of old. … It’s here in your presence, in your sanctuary, where I learn more of your ways. …

Psalms 16:11 AMPC further explains: You will show me the path of life; in your presence is fullness of joy; at your right hand there are pleasures forevermore.

Our Creator took time to fashion us with great detail and selective design—our appearance, our personalities. He made us for Himself.

And if made especially for Him, then He wants us to be with Him. Every single moment He is thinking of us. His desires are toward us more than the grains of shore sand. And each morning, He is still with us (Psalms 139:17-18).

He wants all of us in the here and now, not only in the ever after. He loves us more than we know. We don’t even come close.

Memories are powerful, both in a negative and positive way. If we ponder all of our failures and hurts or dwell and reenact the history, we open the door to negative emotions.

Conversely, memories can serve as the catalyst that drives us to His presence and reignites our faith in challenging circumstances. There is positivity in proximity!

Let’s read more of Psalms 77:

Your display of wonders, miracles, and power makes the nations acknowledge you. By your glory-bursts you’ve rescued us over and over. Just ask the sons of Jacob or the sons of Joseph and they will tell you! And all of us, your beloved ones, know that it’s true! …

The psalmist is remembering the wonder and power of God. God is always inviting us to recall how He has rescued us, walked with us. It is in His presence where He also reminds us that we are loved, righteous, holy and accepted—absolutely adored!

It’s hard to remain in His presence and still feel overwhelmed by our humanity.

Today, I believe He is saying:  I have pulled you out of the miry clay and set your feet upon a Rock. Let me remind you how I see you, what I think of you. Let us together remember how you thought that THAT was going to destroy you. Yet, here we are! I’m faithful, I’m trustworthy. Let me have your whole heart.

Lay every weight aside that entangles. I will bring you much increase. Rivers will flow deep and wide. I have seen your faithfulness in the things I have asked you to accomplish. I also see your hesitant heart in the things you have yet to do. I will help you. Let me help you. Nothing is too hard for me. Watch me, I will bring forth fruit and it will remain. My word is so powerful in you (YES IN YOU). Believe it, stand on it.

Let’s finish Psalms 77 and remember:

When the many waters of the Red Sea took one look at you, they were afraid and ran away to hide—trembling to its depths! Storm clouds filled with water high in the skies; cloudbursts and thunderclaps announced your approach.

Lightning-flashes lit up the landscape. Rolling whirlwinds exploded with sonic booms of thunder, rumbling as the skies shouted out your story with light and sound and wind. Everything on earth shook and trembled as you drew near.

Your steps formed a highway through the seas with footprints on a pathway no one even knew was there. You led your people forward by your loving hand, …

I am remembering how great is Your faithfulness, oh Lord! Amen.