A Man and His Bride

My love, Be with me today. You truly are my rose, the very theme of my song! Take notice of how I look upon you with my unrelenting love divine. Let me smother you with kisses. I long for you. Will you come run away with me? I promise you rest in my never-ending love. […]

An Engagement Like No Other

In a previous post, I stressed the importance of intimacy. Love craves intimacy. To state more precisely, God craves and treasures an intimate relationship with you! Intimate relationships with family and friends are designed to fulfill us; intended to spark joy and peace. These bonds secure a familiarity and invite a rest and a freedom […]

A Walking Wealth of Power

Let me share a truth that I am certain you have heard many, many times before.  It is so profound that I believe it bears repeating:  God is so in love with you and craves a steadfast and intimate relationship with YOU! This is good news! He wants you to grasp this love in revelatory way […]