Sworn In and Donned

It is with such honor that I stop my day today and remember our fallen military men and women who carried out their mission to their very end.

When these individuals ceremonially raised their hands in sworn allegiance, they were committing their very lives to servicea commitment that they had carefully considered and determined to remain faithful to for a time and under all conditions specified.

They immediately donned a uniform that carried the idea of donning an identity—a reminder that they belonged to a unique group that focused their attention on others. They were all in to carry out missions that they were called upon to execute.

We as believers share similar ceremony. We are drawn, claim Jesus as Savior and commit a life of service to Him, to others, and to His will. While we don’t outwardly wear a designated uniform, ours is an invisible glory that says, “I am Yours, I belong to You, I am all in.”

And like their military counterparts, many fellow believers have carried out missions to their very end.

I am very blessed to live in this country and am very humbled when I see a military member in uniform, or veterans proudly displaying their former military affiliations in dress and appearance. And my heart is pierced when ceremonies remembering the fallen are captured on video.

Today is a day of honor. As we honor our fallen heroes, may their lives not only remind us of the sacrifices they made for us as citizens, but let us understand that like our military, our commitment to our Lord calls for action that sometimes may take us where we may not want to go or do something that we would rather not participate in. Serving in another country is not necessarily what I am talking about (although that may come into play sometimes); however, it may be as simple as volunteering at a local shelter or visiting with a relative in a nursing home. Maybe it is to stop and pray for the one you had sworn to pray for. It may be a call to not act out of the flesh, or to have dominion over a stubborn will once and for all.

For the greatest love of all is a love that sacrifices all. And this great love is demonstrated when a person sacrifices his life for his friends. (John 15:13 TPT)

God bless all who have served and all who currently serve—you have my deepest respect and utmost gratitude.

And my prayers are for those of you who have loved a dear one whose resolve and dedication to country ultimately led to total sacrifice. I am greatly humbled and will honor that life by honoring my commitment to God and to others.

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  • Rock

    YES !!!
    And Also pray for The Peace Of Jerusalem Psalms 122:6

    • Patty Avila


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