In over twenty years of ministerial work, Patty Avila recognizes that joy and peace are some of the missing ingredients in people’s lives—partly because people either have not heard, have misinterpreted, or are not fully appropriating the true essence of God’s love. Her passion is to help people experience and see God through their two “I’s”: through their Identity in Christ and through their Intimacy with the Father.

Her own personal story resonates with many and she brings a tender and empathetic approach to ministry. Patty is a champion of the hollowed soul and she knows that she is called to those whose hearts have been deeply wounded.

Patty is an ordained minister and graduate of Charis Bible College—an extension of Andrew Wommack Ministries. She and her husband Steve reside in Arizona, and together have five talented children and five beautiful grandchildren.

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  • Patty Avila

    Wow! My name is Patty Avila. I am a Pastor. I live in NY and I am in awe right now. What are the odds?

    • Patty Avila

      What are the odds??? I Love NY. Where is your church located in NY?

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