A Walking Wealth of Power

Let me share a truth that I am certain you have heard many, many times before.  It is so profound that I believe it bears repeating:  God is so in love with you and craves a steadfast and intimate relationship with YOU!

This is good news! He wants you to grasp this love in revelatory way that drives you into His arms.  He sees you as a precious masterpiece and He wants you to know that 24/7.

For far too long the message of God’s love has been passed over as yesterday’s news.  I believe it is time to resurrect yesterday’s news; it’s time to be reminded of this incredible love.

You may be thinking, “I hear about how God loves me all the time.  I have a relationship and I think I have a good understanding of His love.”  I thought I did too.

Still, I found myself struggling and battling frustration in many areas.  I had spent years doing my version of a Father-daughter relationship.  I prayed and studied the Word.  I ate and drank church and ministry.

However, it was only when I got transparent with the Lord that I was really able to see all He wanted from me: A rich understanding of His unending love.   He revealed the missing component to this love message: intimacy with Father God!

Cultivating a one-on-one relationship is the nest where our true identity is unveiled.

When we carry the assurance of His love, we approach life based on how God sees us. We move and have our being by our identities in Christ (Acts 17:28). Walking out our lives will be different because we’ll see situations with His perspective.

This truth is so simple that it takes work to miss it. The sad part is that many of us do miss it, or worse, entirely dismiss the depth of its revelation.

We work so hard at being good or doing right. We are so mindful of religious duty that we miss quality time to hear from or just abide in His Presence.

I believe that many of us have missed seeing God through our two “I’s”: through Intimacy with Father and realizing our Identity in Christ!

We all love to hear how we are loved from family and friends, once is never enough. Why wouldn’t we want to be reminded and reassured of God’s love?

Sometimes when we commit an offense or have responded to a situation in a negative way, we may think that the Lord withholds His love and favor, tallying up our sins with glaring disapproval.

His love highlights you just as it does Jesus: righteous and perfect. This is huge!
The enemy makes it a point to hijack the truth so that truth never gets beyond the pages of the bible.

When we dive in and cling to His Word and rely on Holy Spirit’s guidance, God’s nature is revealed. The result is a revelation (not just head knowledge) of how He loves and treasures us; how He wants the eyes of our hearts to be enlightened.

If you find it hard to believe how God sees you, if you battle with self-condemnation, or if seeing yourself as righteous collides with your beliefs, maybe it’s time to take a moment to open your “I’s.”

It is my aim to help people understand their right standing with God.  When you know how righteous, how loved, how tremendously treasured you are, you become a walking wealth of power.

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  • Tracy LaPaglia

    Loved this! Love ❤️ Thank you!

    • Patty Avila

      Amen Tracy ❤️

  • Linda D’Avola

    Thank you, Patty. I really received from this word. When we disconnect from our power source we are weak. But, when we bask in Father’s rich pleasure/love for us we are strong enough to overcome all that may come our way.

    • Patty Avila

      Amen Linda ❤️

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